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Posted 2018-10-26T21:14:59Z

Curesearch event coming up🎗🎉🎗

It’s amazing!!! Miraculous even. The more I think about that time the generous photographer at the hospital asked me to remove my daughter’s knit hat and kiss her forehead at the end of our photo session; the more I want to leap for joy, shout out at the top of a mountain, and do cartwheels on the grass!!!!
How come, you ask?
We were almost done with the photo session and the entire time Natalia was her bright, cheery self....happy...smiling ear to ear! But when my lips touched her forehead, they were literally set on fire.
As alarms went off in my head, I screamed out loud....”we need a nurse”, and before I knew it, she was whisked away. Later on, we found out that she SHOULD HAVE been crying in excruciating pain, instead of smiling and doing a photo shoot. Soon after her bright pink spica body cast was removed, a raw mess of a third degree burn was discovered on her leg. She was very sick (102.5 temp) and none of the doctors and nurses could figure out HOW in the world could Natalia had been up to doing the professional pictures and to still smile thru the entire session. They were stumped....
I know’s by HIS unprecedented power and strength. He supernaturally lifted her ABOVE her circumstance. She was walking thru it, but was being carried by God ABOVE the pain and suffering. Walking in and though the water, and yet she did not drown. His living word says....When you go through deep waters and great trouble, I will be with you. When you go through rivers of difficulty, you will not drown! When you walk through the fire of oppression, you will not be burned up—the flames will not consume you.
Isaiah 43:2[...]

Posted 2018-10-16T05:19:26Z


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Posted 2018-10-01T03:12:23Z

Natalia hero🎗🎗🎗

On August of 2013, at the tender age of 8, Natalia Sofia was diagnosed with a localized Ewing's Sarcoma of her femur bone. In addition to limb salvage surgery, she endured an intense chemotherapy regimen for a year and radiation treatments everyday for a month. Due to harsh cancer treatments, she is still suffering from the late effects of her therapy. By the grace of our MIGHTY GOD, she has overcome cancer and has been cancer free (NED)for 4 years!!![...]