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Posted 2014-03-31T00:42:56Z

Night For Natalia Fundraiser Update

What a beautiful evening FULL of LOVE and SUPPORT from family, friends and Lutz Prep community! Lutz Prep, Lutz Citizens Coalition, and Tampa Bay food trucks held a fundraiser for Natalia. Five alarm fire Band awarded Gabriel (Natalia's brother) an honorary band member t-shirt with his name, and had him help out with the setting up of the stage. [...]

Posted 2014-03-30T05:07:57Z

First steps.........LOOK, NO CAST!

Today was the first day of physical therapy. The therapist commented that it usually takes a while JUST to get a patient like Natalia sitting on the edge of the bed. Since she has not done this since November! After her exercises in bed, she was able to sit on the edge of her bed!! She stood up for the FIRST time in months...for a few minutes.  It was a bit painful on the foot that had to bear the they sat her back right away....FIRST steps to recovery!![...]

Posted 2014-03-30T03:35:55Z


Guess who finally ate today?? After 18 days without a full meal, Natalia Sofia FINALLY had a meal...and a half! Her aunt Hilda and cousin Jeanette brought a home-cooked meal to the a last resort. If she doesn't eat a few meals today and tomorrow, she will go home with the NG tube. :([...]