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Posted 2018-09-24T03:05:12Z

Ewing’s sarcoma

This is the ugly face of Ewing’s Sarcoma.
Ewing’s Sarcoma is a blue cell tumor that is unmistakable when you see it under a microscope. Our sarcoma specialist was 100% certain the day that he took a biopsy of the large tumor growing on Natalia’s femur. Without a doubt. It was a shock to me that he didn’t wait for the pathology report to come back.
Our lives changed forever that day.

Posted 2018-09-24T03:03:40Z

Be aware!!!!

Chemo and radiation may come to an end, but the long term effects of both GO ON the rest of your life.
Funding research will lead to less toxic treatment. YOU can help raise awareness!!

Posted 2018-09-23T16:45:02Z

#oldchemodrugs #madeforadults #killsorgans #kidssurvivecancerNOTchemo

Imagine your child woke up one morning with a cut. A cut that would kill them if left uncovered. But the only FDA approved bandage available had poison in it. But the FDA tells you "it's ok", because the bandage "works", even though it could cause more cuts, neuropathy, nerve damage, PTSD, internal bleeding, seizures, and death. But it's ok because they studied these bandages FORTY years ago. And guess what, if you want a better bandage it's up to YOU, to march on Capitol Hill, to raise money for less toxic bandages, to BEG people to care. You have to put that bandage on your baby every day, knowing the damage, because your government will not research safer ones. They tell you they are, but they are lying, because the current studies are the SAME drugs used now. Welcome to Childhood
Cancer. #morethan4
*ETA- I shared this last year and borrowed from another fellow cancer mom, I did not write this.[...]