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Posted 2017-07-07T15:27:00Z

Our health journey!💗💓💗

I am so excited to share about these amazing plant-based supplements that have helped Natalia's gut and overall health. After having gone through cancer treatment, and used every imaginable drug associated with the protocol treatment, and the effects thereafter, her immune system never really recovered. Recently, Natalia was diagnosed with a gut illness that had her feeling the gut-wrenching symptoms daily. She was hospitalized and put on debilitating meds that gave her body chemo-like effects. After prayerfully consulting with several doctors, one doctor decided to take her off all her GI medicines to give her body a two month break from the kidney-killing (nephro-toxic) drugs. THAT was a GOD-send!!!! That was my opportunity to pray and seek a more natural alternative.
I was in anguish for my daughter....Out of sheer desperation, I cried out to God...which led me to seek out an alternative for her...a more natural route for her to gain her life back. By healing her gut, her immunity will improve, and healing can begin![...]