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Posted 2018-04-11T21:29:10Z


45 months of (NED)No evidence of disease....cancer free...those words coming from her oncologist bring relief, tears to my eyes, and joy to my heart. (Sigh) we continue to watch Natalia Sofia blossom where she is planted....we REJOICE! We PRAISE Jesus! Holding your breath weeks prior to her follow up exams is almost inevitable, there is always that "scanxiety" that slowly creeps into our heads...the anxiety and worry of the unknown...the what if, did we miss it the last scan and so on. The attacks in our minds are very real....and at times, it is so hard to keep our gaze on the fact that GOD IS ON THE THRONE; HE IS GOOD; HE IS SOVEREIGN; HE IS IN CONTROL...NO.MATTER.WHAT. 
Although she is still jumping through the painful hurdles of the aftermath of her treatment(chemo and radiation), she is a fighter and has such tenacity to persevere and continue to push forward. 
We will rejoice with the fact that God is on the throne, God is good, and God is sovereign! Enjoying every minute that today brings, even if today is not perfect.....we have renewed grace and mercies from our Heavenly Father fresh....every day!!
Tomorrow is never promised, neither is making it home from school or crossing the street. Life is not about guarantees....our last breath on this earth will be determined by our sovereign God, for it is HE that has the last word over our life in its entirety. Jesus never guaranteed that we will never suffer on this earth. He promises to give us (what we need) the strength, peace, and power to overcome on this earth because he overcame. Through HIM, through HIS power we can overcome our daily obstacles, our daily pain and suffering. It is through him that is in us, that we can say THIS IS OUR JOURNEY, AND WE WILL WALK IT WELL!
The only thing that is a definite assurance is our salvation, our willingness to open the door to eternity with Jesus. [...]

Posted 2017-09-12T04:58:21Z

Good riddens, Irma!!!!

We have power! Praise God! Internet service came back a few hours ago.
The moringa tree lost a few branches, avocado tree, and entire garden flattened. Literally. The garden is a mess. Bare palm trees with one split In Half.
Some things flew away...otherwise,
House is intact! We were truly spared! We enjoyed more family time today...And are so blessed!!!
God heard our certainly could have been worse!
#familiaUNIDA❤️ #frizzyhairdontcare😂

Posted 2017-09-10T17:26:44Z

Hurricane Irma update!!

We are safely tucked away at a shelter (a local high school close by)!
Trusting in JESUS and dwelling in the shelter of the MOST HIGH! HE is our refuge and shelter...our place of safety(Psalm 91)!