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Posted 2016-04-29T03:11:00Z

School beach trip!!

Priceless!!! That AWESOME moment when your baby girl looks at you glowing with joy, and says "It feels good to be a normal kid......"
This is her first field trip in a long time and one of her first outings without a lot of restrictions. While Natalia truly enjoyed herself on her field trip to the beach, she is now suffering great ankle/leg pain.
Praying for her relief and for strength to her body from up above. Jesus we just praise you for who you real in our lives. Our hearts are overflowing with joy!❤️
How great thou art!!!!

Posted 2016-04-28T13:25:04Z


On our way to the beach for her field trip!!
But FIRST....wanted to share the fantastic news....Natalia Sofia is 21 MONTHS CANCER-FREE!!!! 🎉NO.EVIDENCE.OF.DISEASE!!!!!!🎉

Posted 2016-04-27T04:15:16Z

Here we are......again. At her three month oncology follow up. Checking for recurrence of Ewing's...a monster of a cancer of the bone AND soft tissue. Checking for secondary cancer. Checking her blood and urine. Checking for metastatic disease in her lungs, as bone cancer travels there first, after the primary site. 2-Dimensional X-rays of her chest and the affected leg were done today. That is all. No more MRI's as of 1/2016. Too much artifact from her hardware.
Is this enough? Is this too much? Too little or too aggressive? Should they do more? Should her road map look different? Or are we all relaxed sitting on a time bomb? I want to do EVERYTHING possible to make sure we are doing the BEST for her post treatment care.
After thoroughly researching till my eye lids shut down, no stone unturned, and thoroughly asking all the right questions to ALL the different physicians, I have come to one conclusion...
It is out of my hands....wether we catch this sooner than later, it is all bad. Recurrence has a bad prognosis. It's not a good outcome....according to man. Wether it is a 1mm nodule vs a 10mm nodule, it's just not a good situation. 
As I told the oncologist today....I just have to TRUST God. I have to KEEP my eyes on JESUS. HE is a faithful God. A MIGHTY God. A SUPERNATURAL God. HE has carried us through this journey till today! Natalia Sofia is 21 MONTHS OFF TREATMENT! CANCER-FREE for 21 months!! PRAISE OUR LORD, JESUS! THAT in itself is a miracle!!! 
We will continue to TRUST in ALMIGHTY GOD, the one who delivered Sofia from the grips of a horrible disease....she is in HIS hands. May your will be done, Father God. NOT mine.
The results of her tests will come in the next couple of days...praying for NO EVIDENCE OF DISEASE...NED! 
CELEBRATE TODAY'S BLESSINGS.......for you never know what tomorrow brings!
Thank you so much for your prayers and support!!! [...]

Posted 2016-04-07T00:45:36Z

Relay for Life 2016

In Honor of Our survivor🎗💛
This Friday, April 8th from 6-8pm, Natalia's school will host their own version of "Relay for Life". There will be a Spaghetti dinner, book fair, and Art show!Students and families are asked to walk laps around the court, bid on baskets or create a special luminary in honor of a special loved one. ALL PROCEEDS RAISED FOR THIS EVENT/RELAY WILL GO TO THE AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY.
Pm me if you are interested in attending!!![...]